Sunningdale offers one of the best golfing and club experiences in Ontario. Play our 29 holes of beautiful golf, combined with a spectacular, heritage-inspired clubhouse, makes Sunningdale a natural place to be "My Club".


How Sunningdale Membership Works

Our Club has two separate components for Golfing Membership: the Entrance* component and the Annual component.  Both are arranged with flexible options so you can custom-fit your Membership to your family's needs.
(*) Social membership does not require an Entrance component


Sunningdale's Flexible Entrance Options

We currently offer THREE specific Entrance Plans, each suited to different circumstances of our member's needs:

The Special
Membership Entrance Plan
The Entrance Plan for
40-and-Under Members
The Entrance Plan for
60-and-Over Members
Our traditional Entrance Plan for perpetual membership.  This plan covers entrance for your entire immediate family and can spread your entrance fee over the first 10 years of your membership with no added interest. For younger new members (or current member's children or grandchildren), we offer a special Entrance Plan with added flexibility and longer timeframes of payment to help young families in the early stages of their careers. For new members starting private Club life at 60 and over, we offer a special Entrance Plan with reduced entrance fee spread over 10 years with 0% interest.


Your Annual Membership Options:
Choose a Golfing Classification each year
to match your playing preferences

Once you've chosen your Entrance Plan, you and your family have a variety of ways of tailoring your Annual Golfing Options to fit your circumstances and budget.

For instance, each year you can choose which of our Member Golfing Classifications you want each of your family members to be in for that season.

  • For those who plan to play a lot of golf annually, an UNLIMITED LEVEL I classification may be the way to go.  Annual dues for 2020 are $4,320 for the 1st adult in the family, and there are no restrictions on number of games or playing times.
  • The 2nd adult in the family who also plans to play a lot of golf annually has the option of either UNLIMITED LEVEL I or may choose UNLIMITED LEVEL II which pays only  $2,770 annually with no restrictions on number of games, but with some restrictions on playing times on weekends and holidays.

For the infrequent golfer, a PAY-FOR-USE classification may be best: 

  • The principal family member may select the PAY-FOR-USE LEVEL I classification and pay a lower annual dues of $2,420, with no restrictions on playing times, and a game fee of $70 each time they play before 3pm, including club tournaments. 
  • The 2nd adult in the family may select PAY-FOR-USE LEVEL II, which pays annual dues of just $1,285, pays the same game fees as LEVEL I, with restrictions on playing times on weekends and holidays. 
  • The twilight game fee rate after 3:00pm is reduced to $55 for either PAY-FOR-USE category, and the twilight 9-hole game fee rate is $35.

FLEXIBLE TERMS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS: Sunningdale allows dependent children to stay on until the age of 30, whereupon they can elect to become members under their own account.

  • The annual fee for Bantam members aged 7-13 is $415.  The annual fee for Juniors between the ages of 14-18 is $685.  There are some restrictions in game times, but no game fees.  Children aged 7-13 must play with an adult member until they pass their "privileges" test to earn the privilege to play on their own. 
  • The fee for Junior Intermediate members aged 19–21 is $840, while the rate for Intermediate members aged 22–25 is $1,120 and for Senior Intermediates between 26-30 is $1,430.  Both the Intermediate and Senior Intermediate categories also have the option of Pay-For-Use, which lowers the annual rate to just $510 for ages 22-25 and $695 for ages 26-30.  Game fees apply to both these Pay-For-Use categories the same as listed above.

ADJUST YOUR FAMILY PARTICIPATION EACH SEASON: Any family member (other than the primary member of the family) who chooses not to golf that year can be moved to a NON-PLAY classification and pay no annual dues for that year.  They can re-join a playing classification at any time with no penalty.

There are no minimum dining room spending requirements at Sunningdale. There is a monthly $47.50 fee per family. Additional minor fees are levied for support of club activities and memberships in golf associations.

Use of the practice range and facilities is included with all memberships.  Optional club storage, caddy cart storage and lockers are available at nominal annual fees.

For more detailed information, please contact any member of our management team
at (519) 660-8063 or email