Hosting Your Golf Tournament At Sunningdale

Sunningdale has a proud tradition of hosting many local charities and business groups for a day of golf, dining, fellowship and fund raising for worthy causes.  Our current 2019 schedule of charity tournaments (as of Feb, 2019) is:

  • June 5: Golf Play Day (raising funds for special projects at Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre)
  • July 9: Children's Health Foundation
  • July 15: Senior Masters
  • July 18: Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • August 8: Nazem Kadri Charity Golf Classic
  • August 13: Fanshawe College Foundation
  • August 20: Trudell Medical / St. Joe's Urology
  • August 28: Tyson Tour Championship

At Sunningdale, we like to feel that we have perfected the art of tournament management.  Whether you're planning an event for the office, or a fund raiser, our tournament director and the team handle everything from sign-up sheets and schedules to name tags, on-site registration, hole contests, give-aways and the closing banquet.  We make it easy for you to be a hero!

If you wish to explore hosting a tournament at Sunningdale in 2019 or beyond, please contact Jason Wyatt, our Head Golf Professional by eMail at or by calling (519) 660-8063 ext.243.

CHILDREN'S HEALTH FOUNDATION and MAKE-A-WISH Share $10,000 Sunningdale Charity Gift for 2018

Children's Health Foundation
Sal Bruni, Sunningdale; Tristan Elliott, CHF; Gordon Thompson, Sunningdale; Dipesh Parmar, CHF; Jessica Thomas, CHF; Jason Wyatt, Sunningdale
Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario
Sal Bruni, Sunningdale; Lori Quick, Make-A-Wish; Brittany Kinchen, Make-A-Wish; Gordon Thompson, Sunningdale; Jason Wyatt, Sunningdale.
April 11, 2018

Sunningdale annually holds a reception to celebrate and give back financial gifts in kind to the various charities that hold their golf tournaments at the Club. 
Last year in 2017, six local charities held their fundraising tournaments at Sunningdale. All charities (except for the previous year's winners) were entered into a unique elimination draw format with random selections of jars of Sunningdale honey and Sunningdale wine gift packages, with equal opportunity to win.
This year, the 15th annual reception, the two winning charities selected were Children's Health Foundation and Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario, each winning a $5,000 donation to their charity.
All charities (even the $5,000 winners) receive an additional $1,500 contribution towards Golf Shop purchases.
Last year local charity golf tournaments at Sunningdale raised over $800,000.